Monday, 11 July 2011

Radio Interviews

I am fortunate enough to have a regular weekly slot on BBC 3 Counties Radio 104.4fm on the Morning MK Show every Thursday at 8.20am. I am absolutely loving it and it's great being able to discuss what's hot and what's not in the world of fashion. Please visit my website to listen to the latest interview. Whilst you are there, check out my show reel on the Home page. Hope you like what I have to say and if you have any topics which you would like covered, please do let me know.

Monday, 16 May 2011

The Royal Wedding

Now that Wedding Fever has calmed down, I think that it's interesting to reflect on what an amazing day it was but mostly we can't underestimate the impact the Middleton Sisters are going to have on fashion. But firstly, I have to talk about THE DRESS. I must confess, at first, to being a tad underwhelmed, but what I think slightly spoilt the overall effect, was that the very floaty veil wasn't in keeping with the dress, which was fairly structured. I personally would've preferred a slightly stiffer veil. I did grow to love the dress and obvious comparisons were made to that of another Princess, Grace Kelly. Kate's was obviously much more contemporary and I thought more flattering. Grace Kelly had a typically 50's hourglass Hollywood film star shape and Kate's figure, which had grown increasingly slender prior to the wedding, is more androgynous. Sarah Burton carried the Alexander McQueen mantle just perfectly and her star will be the ascendant for a very long time to come. I think Kate's 1/2 up hairdo worked perfectly as she quite rightly stated "she wanted her husband to recognise her". Many brides make the error of stepping completely out of their comfort zone and trying out new hairdos' and 20 years later, glance back at their pictures and wonder who that girl with the stiff chignon or even worse, ringlet ed hair was. Kate applied her own makeup and there was just the right amount for the cameras. Some of the vicious fashion press berated her for wearing too much eyeliner and blusher but she knows what she likes and is comfortable with it. She is a naturally beautiful girl who looked simply stunning on the most important day of her life. I cannot wait to see the impact her dress will have on wedding dress designs over the next year. I predict lace will be massive. It will be such a refreshing change from the plethora of really dull, samey, strapless dresses which have been around for the past decade.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Golden Globes - who wore what.

Green was the colour of choice this year with both Angelina and CZJ opting for varying styles and shades. CZJ opted for old-school Hollywood glamour but for someone who is relatively young, she can look frumpy and I'm not mad on her middle parting. Angelina covered up her increasingly frail body with a not particularly well fitted dress with massive shoulder pads. Angelina is a stunning woman but she'd look a whole better with a couple of stone on her. For me, J Lo, was the winner in the style stakes, even if her look was bordering on bridal. Once again, nude, featured heavily but I personally will be glad when this colour, such as it is, disappears from the catwalk and high street. Only the truly olive skinned can carry this off. Christina Hendricks' red asymmetric gown clashed with her red hair. Helena Bonham Carter, as usual, marched to the beat of her own fashion drum and looked a total shambles, even sporting mismatched shoes. I do like the fact that she refuses to conform but c'mon love. Hayden Pannetierre's stylist should have been sacked as her nude nipple pads were clearly visible beneath her hideous navy frock. Helen Mirren was spot on as usual in a coffee coloured dress. This woman, never gets it wrong. Halle Berry looked like she'd run out of fabric with her corseted satin short dress and then yards of organza attached, almost as an afterthought. Eva Longoria's Zac Posen dress was definitely a cut above the rest but black? So 2 years ago darling. The Globes are seen as a pre-cursor to the Oscars so it will be interesting to see if any sartorial lessons have been learned this time...

Saturday, 20 November 2010

X Factor 20th Nov 2010

Dannii wins again in the style stakes. I love the simplicity of her chocolate satin dress, her pared-down makeup & her elegant up-do. "Totally on the money" as Simon would say. Throughout this whole series she has trumped Cheryl, whose styling has ranged from Quality Street girl, Minnie Mouse Hairdo (last week) & her penchant for those awful shoe boots which do nothing to lengthen her tiny legs. I know Dannii is much older but Cheryl's style is so Barbie-fake now and I really detest her plum-red hair. Less is more, love.

Not sure what Cheryl was doing dressing her girls, Cher, in what looked like a bed sheet tied around the middle and Katie, with her newly-shorn hair, looking like Mia Farrow in Rosemary's Baby - not great choices. Rebecca, was as always, oozing class from every pore, in a stunning scarlet trouser suit with palazzo pants and her trademark hair scraped back but TBH this girl would look good in a bin liner.

Dannii got Matt's look wrong tonight as I'm not a fan of the builder, wearing-a-vest in public look.

My biggest bugbear apart from Wagner (why do the Brits love an underdog? And Widdy is with us for awhile longer too!), is the incredibly irritating audience whose constant cheering makes it impossible for both the contestants and judges to hear the comments. Simon, it's your show - shut them up and let Dermot do his job!

Strictly - who wore what. 20th Nov 2010

Well - if I don't start with Ann, it will be a bit like the elephant in the room (if you pardon the pun). What on heavens name was she wearing tonight? She looked like BIG Bird from Sesame Street & seeing her yellow footless tight AND yellow knickers was all too much to bare (!). When Ann started Strictly she was adamant that she wouldn't show any flesh and for this I am grateful, BUT, her necklines are way too high for such a bosomy woman. I also am astounded that she has not been advised to wear a decent bra (not only for training) but as the bras are built into their costumes, her bosoms are still terribly low-slung. Although Apple-shaped, Ann has delicate wrists and ankles and only takes a size 3 shoe, so it would have made sense to have enhanced these features. Her dresses have all been terribly "boxy" and an empire-line dress would have been much more suitable and I fear that Su Judd and her wonderful dress designers on the show, weren't given much choice!

Tess's outfit wasn't terribly flattering and even my fashion-conscious teenage son remarked that her jumpsuit looked like "jack-ups". Trust me, this is not a compliment! Just because an item is fashionable, it doesn't mean it's flattering. IMO Jumpsuits look best on small children.

Patsy's dress was very boudoir-inspired, blush pink with black lace corset, with a mullet-style skirt, short at the front and longer at the back. Gorgeous and very showgirl.

Katja's dress was simply divine and I loved the simplicity of the stark white with the black embellishments.

But as for the standard of dance, well let's just say Blackpool did Vegas proud & MY favourites were Matt, Pamela and Kara.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Kate Middleton - The Royal Frock.

Ever since the Royal Engagement was announced yesterday, speculation has been rife as to who will have the honour of designing Kate's dress. I would very much hope that it would be a British designer & in light of the current economic situation, it would be politic to do so. It would give a much needed shot in the arm for the British Fashion industry. Kate is an absolute clothes horse and whatever she wears, she will look spectacular. One thing is for sure though, she will very much have a say in what she wears and unlike the late Princess Diana's dress, there won't be a meringue in sight! All terribly exciting stuff....

Personal Shopping trips Autumn 2010

It's been a while since I've blogged - naughty me! Lots to comment on but firstly an update on Altered Image: Have had numerous Personal Shopping trips latterly but yesterday was with one of my favourite (& most long standing) clients, Gabby. The brief was to get her out of trousers and into dresses. There are a plethora of fab frocks out there, notably two found in Phase 8 which are patterned and the other two at Hobbs, which were plain. Wrap dresses suit most women unless incredibly flat-chested but suit curvy women to a tee. Showed her that dresses are actually easier than trousers (which, in themselves, are tricky to find a decent-fitting pair) & all dresses need to be worn with, are boots. If you have larger calves, Gabor do different size widths to fit small, medium and large calves - GENIUS!! Patent is huge this season but if this is a bit scary, then go for black or brown leather with a rounded toe. We also managed to come in way under budget which delighted Gabby no end and I got treated to lunch! Gabby's brief was to look a little less severe and corporate and more feminine at work but going for boots without a heel, kept the look professional. So go on, try a wrap dress - you will never want to wear trousers again!